Department of OMR is the corner stone of any dental institution, catering to the foundation of the basic diagnosis and treatment planning which in turn is supported by various investigations and treatment modalities. Oral health is the mirror of overall health. The entire body mechanisms are interconnected in some way or the other. Hence Oral medicine is a subject which bridges with other medical sciences.

Oral health is a yardstick in the governance of homeostasis of the body in general. Researches and advancements in the medical theronostics has made the branch and the subject of oral medicine very conducive to be called as a tool for diagnosing plethora of local as well as systemic diseases.

The advancements in clinical and molecular approach have not only paved the way to identify a disease but also have made it possible to predict the possibility of the occurrence of a disease and hence, better prevention.

The subject of Oral Medicine in the recent years has encompassed even legal medicine or forensic odontology making the subject to be reckoned as a team player in detection of criminal activities or mass disaster identification.

Hitherto the two dimensional Radio-diagnostics, has developed into a three dimensional image acquisition system thereby improving the subject of oral medicine and radiology into the arena of expertise in identification and diagnosis of oro-facial skeletal abnormalities or pathosis.

The Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology at the A.J.Institute of Dental Sciences being equipped with all infrastructures and supported by efficient faculty caters to the above challenges at par excellence.