“Childhood shows the man as morning shows the day”. So it is important to deliver and initiate right attitude to the child, as the same thing will be carried on into the future. As we call it paediatric and preventive dentistry we are addressing the problems pertaining to both oral and general health, inclusive of behavior management at the grass root level. So maintaining good oral hygiene will be a way of life rather than looking at it as a task or burden.

Our department also emphasizes the need for prevention of dental diseases including Dental decay, Gum diseases and Orthodontic problems. In this regard, already existing problems are corrected and potential problems are identified early and prevented from occurring. Our department is also equipped to deliver single sitting full mouth rehabilitation under General Anaestheia to very young children (3 Years), children with Physical conditions that do not permit them to be treated in a dental chair (eg. Cerebral Palsy), to children whose parents cannot come for multiple appointments and to those who demand it. Premilminary treatment for cleft lip and palate including obturators and orthodontic treatment is also rendered.

Our department focuses on Pediatric / adolescent growth and development, prevention of dental diseases, child psychology, and management of highly specialized pediatric restorative techniques and modalities. With a team of extremely efficient staff and state of art equipments we provide quality oral health care for children and also complete rehabilitation for children with special health care needs. Our aim is to educate our students to become good and caring dentists. These are achieved at clinical level, academic level in the department and the field level through various rural and school health programs. We routinely conduct and participate in rural dental health camps and school dental health camps.