The department of Physiology is headed by Professor Das Krishna Shirahatti. Teaching staff comprises of 3 professors, 5 assistant professors, 2 lecturers and 7 tutors/residents. In the Assistant professor’s category we have 2 with PhD and other 2 with MD physiology qualifications.

The post graduate programme was started in 2009. The department has been recognised by the MCI to enrol 3 post graduates per year. The first batch of post graduates passed out in June 2012 with 100% result. There 2 lab technicians who handle the different laboratories, 2 attendants and a storekeeper cum clerical staff.

There are 4 laboratories in the department which can accommodate 90 students. The Human laboratories which comprises of the haematology and clinical lab are well equipped with the necessary equipments. The amphibian and mammalian lab are set up with the required equipments to conduct the animal experiments.

A research laboratory has been provided in the department for ongoing research projects. The post graduate students utilize the departmental equipments and hospital instruments to complete their dissertation work. In addition the teaching staffs of the department are also involved in the research projects.

The departmental library is stocked with both undergraduate and post graduate level text books. There are 156 books in the library and every academic year new textbooks of the latest addition are added on to the library.